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Gaming News

Thursday, August 10, 2006
Pac-Man was launched onto the 360 marketplace on Wednesday, which sees the end of the summer arcade Wednesday's. It costs 400 MP (Microsoft Points), but as always a free trial is available to sample first.

Also released onto the market place is the 'Dead Rising' and 'Saints Row' demos. Both are a limited trial of the game, but give you a good idea of what they will be like. The 'Dead Rising' demo allows you 15 minutes of non stop zombie killing action in a mall. Numerous weapons are available in the demo, such as, teddy bears, frying pans, skateboards, trolleys and much more. 'Saint Row' is pretty much a GTA clone and not a very good one at that. It is worth the download but there's no way I'll be buying it.

The Web Is Back!

Yes, I know you have all missed this amazing blog since it went offline several months ago *cough*. I have decided to resurrect The Web to its former glory, the blog will provide you with tech news, reviews, gaming news, etc etc.

New And Better Site

Monday, October 24, 2005
This site has moved to www.tech-junkie.co.uk, it is in association with Tech Junkie weblog, (see link in sidebar)


Escape From Rhetundo Island

Friday, October 21, 2005
Escape From Rhetundo Island is a game created by Robin Allen, for those of you who don't know who he is, he created such games as Hapland and it's sequel. Escape From Rhetundo Island is very similar to Hapland, you have to help a small stick man through the different levels by using items in your inventory or actions in the playing area such as levers and bridges. The game is supposedly easier than Hapland, which is very difficult without hints. But in my opinion the game is only slightly easier. The conrols are very very simple as it is just a point and click game. If you would like to play this game click the link below.


Thursday, October 20, 2005
Motherload is another game from Xgen Studios. The game is set in the future and your mission is to 'dig' down into the planet looking for metal ore's and Gems. The further you go down the more dangerous the work gets but the bigger the rewards are. You deposit the metal ores and Gems in one of the buildings on the surface, for this you get money depending how much you deposit. With this money you can buy fuel or other tools to aid you in digging, e.g. TNT, Teleporters, and lots of other items for your digger such as, Armour, bigger fuel tanks, bigger capacity, bigger engines, ECT. I myself have never completed the game as it is takes ages, but there is a save option on the surface so you can come back another time and carry on from where you left off. Another thing your digger can fly. The controls are very simple you simply use your mouse to navigate the page and your arrow keys to move around.

Play Now

(Xgen Studios)

Goodbye @Gmail.com

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

UK users creating new Gmail accounts will not get a @Gmail.com email but a @Googlemail.com one instead. An independent research investment company based in London, claim they used the name 'Gmail' for a webmail application 2 years before Google used it. The logo has changed to a Google Mail logo (see above) for UK users only. According to Google it will not affect current users, but if another court case comes up in the future, Google cannot confirm that you will have your Gmail.com address forever. GMails current storage capacity is 2655mb.

Funky Truck 3

Monday, October 10, 2005
Funky Truck 3 is the most recent in the Funky Truck line, made up of 2 others, of course. The others are Funky Truck and Funky Truck 4WD. The game is made by Tea Games, who make a lot of similar games, using Bikes and other cars. The aim of the game is to progress as far as you can, by completing the levels, each one gets harder as you progress. But before you start you can 'Customise' your ride, decide what body shape, sized wheels, wheel type and shock absorber length you are going to use. This is the new feature to the game which the other didn't have. In my opinion the game is a little slow, the car doesn't move very fast, and the physics are all wrong. A better game is the second Funky Truck 4WD which has 14 levels and it plays quite well. Please feel free to leave comments on what your feelings are about the games.

Play Funky Truck 4WD

Play Funky Truck

I/O - World as a palette

Sunday, October 09, 2005
Those clever people over at MIT Media Labs, the same who recently designed a $100 Laptop, Have created an I/O Brush. It is designed for children and is meant to help them with art and painting. The brush looks like a regular Painting brush, just a bit bigger, but it is fitted with a tiny camera, LEDs and touch sensors. The camera takes whatever it is viewing, and paints that image or colour onto the 'Canvas'.

They have created a short video, showing how it works and cool techniques of how it can be used, and as an added bonus there is some REALLY cool music to listen to.

I/O Brush Video

Google Reader

Saturday, October 08, 2005

As you may have heard by now, Google have released Google Reader, this release has come out of know where. It looks very similar to the Gmail format, and is a web based news aggregator. To use the service you need a Google accounts which most people with have, because of their Gmail accounts. The reader supports keyboard shortcuts, just like Gmail does. Many people are saying it is not ready for release and may have been rushed, for what ever reason. As you may have guessed it is in Beta, surprise surprise. I haven't really used the reader service yet and i don't plan to have much use out of it, i prefer using Firefox's built in service. But when Gmail was released i thought i didn't need it, now i can't live without it.

... Of The Week

Friday, October 07, 2005
You may be wondering what on earth I'm on about, but ... Of the week is going to be a weekly post every Friday. The reason for the ... Is because it could be Game of the week or Site of the week and so on and so forth. This Fridays ... Of the week is game of the week.

This weeks game is called CandyStand Billiards, as you may have guessed its a billiards game, which can either be played against the computer or a friend. The games include 8 Ball, 9 Ball, straight pool and High Score Contest. My personal favorite is High Score Contest, the aim of the game is to sink as many balls as possible, you only have 10 shots to do this. I like Candystand Billiards because of it's simplicity and the number of different games you can play. If you would like to play click the link below.

Play Now

Stick RPG

Thursday, October 06, 2005
As some of you may know Stick RPG has been out for some time, but it is one of my all time best internet games. It is created by Xgenstudios, who create a lot of flash games, such as, Motherload and Castle. In the game you play as a small blue stick man, well ok a blue circle. The aim of the game is to buy everything in the game, you achieve this by building up your stats and being promoted. Thus giving you more money. The game has recently been completed, and it's sequel is imaginatively named Stick RPG 2, But has been in development since July 2003.

Play Now

Gmail Auto Save

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gmail has just released an auto save function when writing long email. The feature kicks in after a few lines of writing, the message is saved in the drafts section for later viewing. A small message appears at the bottom of the message o say when it was last auto saved.

Google + Wifi = Free Access

Saturday, October 01, 2005

As you may have heard, google has submitted plans to provide free wifi access to nearly 90% of San Francisco, it has been rumored that it will be supported by online advertising. In April oogle started to sponsor a free Wifi hotspot in Union Square. There is several other companies submitting plans to the city. Google plan to offer 300 kb/s, which is much faster than dial up. I just hope this is the start of free wifi access, i doubt it though. As usual all the best things from google start in the US, which is a great shame.

Apple admits

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Apple has admitted there is a problem the the Nano's screen, see post.
"“This is a real but minor issue involving a vendor quality problem in a small number of units."
They also pointed out that the screens are the ones used on the ipod mini's. These problems could have occured due to the 'imossibly' sized Nano and users not treating them with respect.

24 Meg 24 Pound

Monday, September 26, 2005
A new broadband service has unveiled a 24 megabit broadband for just £24, that's just £1 for a megabyte. Be as the company is known is the first company to offer 24 meg broadband. The bandwidth that the service offers is enough for a user to stream 2 high defintion television channels through their pc, all while surfing the internet or making a voice call. To subscribe customers must have a BT landline and £24 in their pocket. Customers will recieve a "be box", a wireless router with two phone ports, the company has planned to release a voip service later this year.